Chartered Financial Planners

Have you considered becoming a Chartered organisation?

Many financial planners are already enjoying the benefits of Chartered status:
• 91% say it’s enhanced customer perception of their business
• 64% say it has helped win new business
• 56% say it’s increased referrals.

To see how close your organisation may be eligible for Chartered status the CII has prepared a short questionnaire. It takes only a few minutes to complete and your results will be revealed at the end.

Please note:
Chartered status is open to organisations meeting the definition of a financial planning firm – An organisation carrying on business as providers of financial planning services.

Applications for corporate Chartered status will no longer be accepted from applicants who fall within the following categories:
• Sole traders
• Limited liability companies which have one director only
• Limited liability companies which have one or more corporate directors
• Limited liability partnerships which have one or more corporate members
• Firms which have one or more corporate partners.

Q1: Does at least one of your organisation's board members (or appropriate management team) personally hold the CII Chartered Financial Planner title?


Score required: 60